Beyond Borders

Collectif Dódeka

The question of frontiers becomes more and more urgent every day. The international collective Dódeka answers this question in music. Their musical happening explores physical and musical frontiers, but also the frontier between artists and public.


Uzbek Cinematic Concert

Uzbekistan like you've never seen it before!

Living all around the globe, these young composers managed to still keep a certain link to their birth country while opening themselves to the winds of new influences. How to better embody the spirit of this land which have mastered the art of mixing cultures since millennials? Beautiful fusion and amazing sounds...
Uzbekistan like you've never heard it before.


Bonjour Paris!

This program made exclusively of French composers gives us an insight in the evolution of French music in the 19th and 20th century. Almost all of its composers were either born either died in Paris, the city that crystallized a great power of inspiration and was for them a huge laboratory of creation.
Our program puts purely romantic  melodies beside strong Madagascar-inspired rhythms, and the impressionist colors neighbor spiritual and reflective moments.
Some humorous touches finalize this interesting and contrasted tableau in which we celebrate Parisian music's beauty in its diversity within a great style unity.